About Us

JARBULL is a global brand in mobile technology as a mobile content producer, specialized in entertaining content such as games, and visual contents as themes and wallpapers.

All the games included in this catalogue are created by JARBULL Game Development Department having all the copyrights of visual and coding assets.

JARBULL Game Development Department is a dynamic and creative team which combines the professionals of all kind, each specialized on their subject. Game development team consists of experienced game developers, illlustrators & animators, level designers, testers and editors. We develop and sell all varieties of mobile games, adaptive to most mobile platforms as java, Android, Symbian platforms and our games support different brands and models of cell phones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG.

JARBULL is being distributed all around the world, by means of offices under the auspices of Globsis in Turkey, S.Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Romania, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Kenya and being distributed around the world by third parties.

JARBULL games and mobile contents are customizable to different languages. You will find the most addictive and wide-ranging mobile games in different popular categories, as well as beautifully created themes and spectacular wallpapers. We keep adding new games every month, upgrading graphics and playability to maximize the game pleasure of users of all ages and genres. All of our games are tested in many platforms and handsets in detail.